Ms. Pacetti will negotiate a Settlement Agreement on your behalf and thoughtfully represent you throughout the uncontested divorce process. 


If you have reached a Settlement Agreement and been separated for the required period, you qualify for the uncontested, "no-fault" divorce process. Ms. Pacetti will represent you through this process.


Ms. Pacetti will work with you and your spouse to facilitate a Settlement Agreement in a neutral and safe atmosphere.  

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Ms. Pacetti will represent your interests in a collaborative divorce process uniquely designed around the needs of your family. 

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By choosing the legal pathway that fits your needs – whether it is the Collaborative Process, Family Law Mediation, or other non-adversarial options – your family law issues, including divorce, can be resolved without resorting to the traditional court system … and the counter-productive animosity litigation generates.


Envision your future, and Ms. Pacetti will help guide you there.

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Honor your highest priorities while you prepare for life after divorce. Pamela M. Pacetti dedicates her practice to providing holistic support for clients facing the dissolution of a marriage: family law expertise, honest consultation and personal dedication to helping clients find true closure following the trauma of divorce.

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