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Individualized strategies, taking into account all aspects of your situation

​Divorce is painful to everyone involved, particularly children. Ms. Pacetti helps clients recognize that people who choose to bring their highest values and principles to their legal issues are less likely to feel the need to act out in fear, anger and recrimination.

Discover core values and priorities, offer alternative solutions


There is a better way to handle your family law matter

With thoughtful guidance, Ms. Pacetti focuses on a client-centered approach – giving you the venue and opportunity to achieve inspired outcomes. Legal principles provide only one factor in issue resolution. Ms. Pacetti explains your rights and helps you achieve a fair and equitable outcome that preserves your dignity. When one is sure their dignity is safeguarded, they are open to explore the possibilities available to them.


Whether you are facing the dissolution of a marriage, the custody of a child, support issues – or any other family law matter – at the core of each issue is a relationship in transition.

Protracted litigation is an emotionally draining, lengthy and costly process … one that needlessly assaults the integrity of family relationships.

The traditional justice system is not equipped to provide customized outcomes that meet the unique needs of your family. It does not yield the sense of healthful closure most parties hope to achieve.

Pamela M. Pacetti uses a holistic, problem solving approach to address your family law needs, helping you achieve stabilization and promote healing during one of the most difficult transitions you may face.


Envision your future, and Ms. Pacetti will help guide you there.

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