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Pamela devotes her practice exclusively to family law issues and has represented clients in the Northern Virginia area

for more than 25 years. Pamela provides sensitive, intuitive, competent and creative assistance to clients in transition; however, she is not accepting cases that require litigation. 

Achieving an Out-of-Court Resolution is a Realistic Goal

Non-Adversarial Litigation Services‚Äč


Pamela embraces the belief that issues related to family law matters can, and should, be settled without court intervention. Over ninety-five percent of all cases that commence with litigation settle before trial. The majority of the settlements between litigating parties are negotiated under pressure, fear, and following months of protracted litigation  -  such results are usually acts of surrender rather than creative, inspired outcomes.

Alternatively, clients may chose to avoid the financial expense and emotional cost associated with months of divisive, counter-productive litigation by seeking the benefits of a Collaborative Divorce, a Negotiated Settlement Agreement, or using the Mediation Process, all of which Pamela offers. 

Pamela is dedicated to resolving family law matters through the Collaborative Process, Soul-to-Soul Mediation, and

negotiated Marital Settlement Agreements. 

Envision your future . . . and Pamela will help guide you there.

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Clients who prefer a non-adversarial approach in the handling of their family law matter rely on Pamela's experience to keep them out of the courtroom. Holding the belief that a family remains a family even after the divorce order is entered, she is committed to helping her clients reach tailored out-of-court settlement agreements.