Facilitation of Soul-to-Soul Mediation

Mediation sessions are scheduled in two-hour online increments; however, longer sessions can be scheduled, if desired. The total number of sessions is dependent upon the number of issues involved in a particular case and the willingness of the parties to take control of their future by exploring different options available to them. 

Agreements reached with the participation of both parties using an elevated perspective are more likely to satisfy the individual needs of all involved, and they are statistically far more likely to be honored by the parties than court-imposed results.

Mediators cannot offer legal advice to the parties; however, a mediator can provide standard legal information to help parties understand principles of family law.  Parties are encouraged to seek legal counsel during the mediation process, but certainly prior to signing a memorandum of understanding.  If requested, Pamela can also provide evaluative insight as part of the mediation process.  Having lawyers who respect the mediation process will save thousands of dollars in legal fees and an equal amount in emotional output.

The mediation process concludes with a draft Memorandum of Understanding that can be presented to each party's lawyer for formal processing.

I would be honored to welcome you and your spouse into a Soul-to-Soul Mediation experience that will inspire you, honor the soul journey of both parties, and bring resolutions that respect your family in transition. 

Envision your future . . . and Pamela will help guide you there.

Please contact Pamela for a free 10 minute phone consultation.

Soul-to-Soul Mediation Explained

Soul-to-Soul Mediation™

Soul-to-Soul Mediation to Resolve Divorce Matters from the Perspective of Love Rather than Fear . . .

Mediation is a process that gives parties an opportunity to settle issues with the assistance of a neutral third party rather than resorting to litigation. The process is designed to foster and preserve positive communications between the parties, particularly when there are children involved, and to achieve tailored outcomes. 

Soul-to-Soul Mediation is Pamela's holistic approach that integrates standard mediation principles with 25 years experience as an intuitive divorce attorney and mediator and a lifetime of spiritual practice and training. Pamela's approach recognizes, honors, and utilizes the deeper soul connection of the parties involved. The divine sacred contract entered into by the parties prior to this incarnation is observed and used as a roadmap to understand the current relationship and higher intentions. 

Soul-to-Soul Mediation is for those couples looking for an elevated experience in the reaching of enduring resolutions for property distribution, support, co-parenting arrangements, and other important ancillary issues. It is for those who are on a spiritual path and desire a mediator who can work with them from a higher perspective . . . from a soul level . . . one who understands divorce should be treated as a sacred journey with deep respect for the interconnectedness of the human journey - and one with the knowledge and tools to facilitate such a process. 

When parties understand the higher purpose of the relationship . . . they move quickly past the human drama associated with divorce . . . they find solutions that are facilitated with the energy of love rather than fear . . . they make aligned decisions that are birthed from the perspective of the soul's higher intention. They understand how they can remain a family post divorce . . . but with a different look. Ultimately, they rest in the knowing that their higher relationship in spirit remains unscarred by this human journey.  Needless to say . . . the children of these couples thrive both during and after the divorce process.​​

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