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Mediation and legal advice

Mediators cannot offer legal advice to the parties; however, an Attorney-Mediator is best equipped to provide you the legal information to understand principals of family law as they pertain to your circumstances.  If requested, Pamela can also provide evaluative insight as part of the mediation process.

Facilitating agreements with Family Law Mediation

Mediation sessions are scheduled at regular intervals and in 2-hour increments. The total number of sessions is dependent upon the number of issues involved in a particular case and the willingness of the parties to take control of their future by exploring different options available to them. 

Agreements reached with the participation of both parties are more likely to satisfy the individual needs of all involved; they are statistically far more likely to be honored by the parties than court-imposed results.

Mediation can be used to resolve all family matters:

Whether you face the dissolution of a marriage, custody and support of a child, or any other family law issue, mediation is available as a meaningful alternative to litigation.

Benefits of Family Law Mediation


Mediation is a process that gives parties an opportunity to settle issues with the assistance of a neutral third party rather than resorting to litigation. The process is designed to foster and preserve positive communications between the parties, particularly when there are children involved, and to achieve tailored outcomes. 

The mediation process gives participants an opportunity to:

  • Reach mutually acceptable agreements in an atmosphere that encourages respectful and cooperative negotiations
  • Maintain dignity and discretion when dealing with difficult, personal and sensitive family law issues
  • Reach resolutions that are unique to their family’s circumstances 

Pamela M. Pacetti is an attorney-mediator. Individuals who choose Ms. Pacetti to facilitate their mediation will have the benefit of her ability, experience and forward-looking insight.

Envision your future . . . and Pamela will help guide you there.

Please contact Pamela for a free 10 minute phone consultation.

Mediation to Settle Issues Related to Family Law Matters

Mediation and legal advice

Parties are encouraged to consult with legal counsel of their own choosing during the mediation process and/or prior to signing any mediated agreements. 

Although Pamela is an experienced family law attorney, she cannot act as either party’s counsel when she is retained for the purpose of mediation.