Understanding the trauma – emotional, financial and legal – surrounding divorce, Ms. Pacetti dedicated her practice to the idea that there is a better way to help clients achieve true closure and prepare for life after divorce. 

Her techniques and style combine over twenty years of family law experience with specialized training and a personal commitment to resolving disputes respectfully.  

Ms. Pacetti views conflict as an opportunity for growth.  Whether she serves as an attorney or attorney-mediator, she helps individuals move past trauma so they can make a smooth transition and step confidently into their future.

As an experienced family law attorney, Pamela M. Pacetti is a first-hand witness to the destruction caused by traditional litigation. In an adversarial system, conflict too often overrides people’s highest priorities and principles.


Envision your future, and Ms. Pacetti will help guide you there.

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Holistic Approach to Family Law​

Collaborative Law and Mediation: two alternative pathways to resolution

Embracing the Collaborative Process and Family Law Mediation, Ms. Pacetti offers clients non-adversarial pathways to resolve family law matters with respect, dignity and discretion.

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