Collaborative Divorce

“Honesty is your great core value!”

“I feel very lucky to have found my way to your law practice and the Collaborative Divorce process. You were compassionate, patient, sensitive to my needs, and professional at all times. I entrusted my financial future to you and was comforted knowing that I could rely on your skills and expertise.

When I was scared, you eased my fears. Thank you for making this difficult life event one that I was able to weather in the storm of highly charged emotions. I think the thing that I liked best about (working with) you was that you were not afraid to tell me your thoughts and ideas, or that I was not making a sound decision for myself. Honesty is your great core value!”
- J

Collaborative Divorce

“… special ability to get people to realize what it important…”

“Pamela helped us work through an extremely difficult time in our lives by helping us cooperatively focus on agreed goals. Her expertise in mediation is a special that she uses to help a couple constructively work through the challenges of dissolving a marriage. Our situation involving kids makes it even more complicated and she has that special ability to get people to realize what is important and reach equitable agreements.”​
- V.

Family Law Mediation

“… you managed to bring together two parents …”

"It is to your credit that in less than a day you managed to bring together two parents who seemed to be completely at odds as to a custody and child-sharing arrangement."​

- Fairfax County Attorney

Family Law Mediation

“Warmth, honesty and skill transformed our divorce process.”

“When we first came to see Pamela for mediation, I still had a great deal of fear about the road ahead.  Five years later, I have nothing but gratitude for the way her warmth, honesty, and skill transformed our divorce process.  Pamela has a tremendous depth of wisdom and experience about families and what they need to thrive post-separation and divorce. That allowed us to examine a much wider variety of possible solutions as we put together our co-parenting plan as well as the legal and financial framework that would best provide for everyone’s well-being. The solutions we found together made sense to my head as well as my heart.  Years later, our settlement agreement still puts out fires because it was created with so much foresight. But hands down, the person who has benefited most from Pamela’s help is the one person who wasn’t in the room: Our son.” 
- J

Family Law Mediation

“My experience with Pamela was exceptional.” 

"My experience with Pamela was exceptional and resulted in agreements that considered the needs and interests of all parties.  Pamela provided insight and guidance on the court perspective while encouraging alternative approaches that minimized emotional stress.  I highly recommend her services to anyone with a family law matter and have already recommended her to others."
- F

Collaborative Divorce

“Thank you for your exceptional advice and support.”

“Pamela, thank you for your exceptional advice and support.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  I speak for my former wife as well in that we are so grateful for your representation.  Although you were my attorney in the process, your wisdom, skill, and thoughtful approach guided the process and enabled us to move forward with our individual lives and maintain a respectful relationship going forward. Our children are the winners of this process…” 
- S

Divorce Process

“Your sensitive and skilled approach during a difficult period will remain a hallmark and a source of deep personal gratitude.”

“Thank you for both your common sense approach and sensitivity in guiding me through an emotional divorce process.  Your guidance afforded a positive outcome for both my former spouse and I. Your professional acumen and thoughtful counsel ensured that my equities were maintained throughout the process.  Your sensitive and skilled approach during a difficult period will remain a hallmark and a source of deep personal gratitude.”
- S

Negotiated Divorce Settlement

“We found her to be reasurring, easy to talk to and efficient.” 

“Thank you Pamela for your thoughtful guidance throughout the process. Your knowledge and wisdom was the catalyst that helped us create solutions that will be lasting and benefit all parties’ involved.  I was so frightened about what my future would be after divorce, but with your gentle guidance, my future is bright and I have found happiness.  The divorce process with you by my side was so much more than ‘getting divorced” and for that I am truly grateful.”
- P

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Divorce Settlement

“I’m so relieved …”

“I wanted to thank you for all your help on my case. I’m so relieved a custody battle was prevented.”​
- L.

Family Law Mediation

“You’re our #1 mediator now.”

"My client fell all over herself singing your praises! She said she didn’t like you, she LOVED you!  Quoting her, she said she would recommend you to anybody.  She said you were fantastic, totally fair, didn’t take sides, but also completely honest, i.e. not afraid to tell you the hard answers.  In short, she was thrilled!  I, too, am thrilled with your services.  You’re our #1 mediator now…"​
- Fairfax County Attorney


Collaborative Divorce

“She gently guided us …”

“This approach is a positive alternative to traditional litigation when working through the hard task of dissolving a marriage. Pamela truly wanted to see us successfully reach a mutual decision regarding property and co-parenting that would allow us to move forward in our ‘new’ relationship. She gently guided us down a path that not only resolved issues, but brought to light how we could interact positively. I would highly recommend this as the right alternative … especially where children are involved.”​
- V.S.

Collaborative Divorce

“… made the process smooth beyond my expectations.”

"Thank you for all your assistance in helping me with my legal issues and problems with your dedicated effort, resourcefulness, knowledge and very effective communication skills.  This not only made our goals successful, but also made the process smooth and beyond my expectations."

- L.

Family Law Mediation

“… empathy and understanding …”

"Mere words are insufficient to express my gratitude for your guidance and legal assistance over the past six months.  You gave us the feeling that Kathy and I were not just more clients, but that you had a personal interest in finding relief for us in our present circumstances.  Your empathy and understanding have meant a great deal to us."
- B.

Family Law Mediation

“… with your gentle guidance, my future is bright …” 

“The decision to go through with a divorce was hard enough. We wanted to avoid the stereotypical, negative divorce proceedings, and the expenses associated with it. What Pamela was offering was exactly what we needed. She helped walk us through the legal procedures, explained things we didn’t understand or had questions about, and helped guide us, objectively, to reach a mutual agreement in our best interests. We found her to be reassuring, easy to talk to and efficient. We both would recommend her mediation process to others looking for similar objectives.”
- D. and L.

Collaborative Divorce

“Respected all parties and maintained the dignity of all.” 

“Pamela, I genuinely appreciated your professionalism and understanding from our initial consultation.  Your counsel, guidance and assistance throughout the process was top-notch and I could not have made it through such an emotional time without your support.  Thank you for helping my family make such a hard transition in an manner that respected all parties and maintained the dignity of all.”
- C

Collaborative Divorce

“... a holistic approach...”

"Thank you for taking such a holistic approach with my case, you really get it!"

- A.

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